Gun Transfer

Purchasing a firearm from an online retailer or auction site requires ownership transfer from a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer.  At GunWorx Texas, we are an official FFL capable of performing this service. Follow the process below:

  1. Complete purchase from online seller.

  2. Notify us with the seller’s contact information (e-mail & phone#)

  3. We will contact the seller to send them copy of our FFL (if they don’t already have it).

  4. Once the funds for the firearm are received from you by the seller, they will ship the firearm to us. *(They should provide tracking info to you).

  5. When we receive the firearm, we will contact you (text is quickest) that the firearm arrived and then you can make an appointment to pick it up at our place of business. When picking up the firearm from us you must bring your current Texas Driver License (TDL) and Concealed Handgun License (CHL) or License To Carry (LTC) (from State of Texas only).

  6. Every buyer must personally complete an ATF Form 4473. This background check must be approved for transfer of the firearm unless you already have a Texas CHL or LTC, but the Form 4473 must still be completed.


Texas CHL/LTC Holder - $20

Non Texas CHL/LTC Holder - $25

*Please let us know tracking info for efficient delivery.


I do a variety of services including customization. Click below to contact me personally to discuss the work you need done, or simply call me at 817-789-1854.

Site Installation, Handguns

Some handguns require more fitting or are more difficult to install sights (such as XD's).

$50 - $75

Rifle & Shotgun Barrels

*shorten / cutoff - includes re-crown - $65

re-crown only - $50

*Shotgun barrels must be at least 18” in length - Rifle barrels must be at least 16” in length


General repair services are available, depending on your needs. This generally refers to most firearm malfunctions & does not include parts. Malfunction examples include, but are not limited to: misfiring, loading, ejecting, jamming, locking up, stuck shells/projectiles, returning to battery.

Please call for a specific estimate and free consultation.

$60/ Hour (includes complete disassembly & cleaning)

minimum charge of $45 for minor repairs if cleaning is not desired by customer

Cleaning and/or Inspection

Complete strip, clean all parts, inspect for wear or damage. Advise for needed parts & repairs. Does not include range fee & test fire ammo if test firing is necessary.

$60 - $75

Recoil Pad Installation

$60 - (does not include recoil pad)


I use a manganese-phosphate based process, which is the darker gray (referred to as “black”). Bead-blasting is done first to remove the old finish. Examples can be seen on the Gallery Page. Prices include disassembly & reassembly.

Handguns - $120

Long guns - $130

Scope Mounting

All charges below based on customer-provided scope, rings, & base

*boresight only - $25

sighting-in at range (includes boresighting) - $50

mounting scope, pre-drilled (includes sight-in) - $75

mounting scope, drill & tap mounting holes (includes sight-in) - $100

*Boresighting utilizes computer-based software technology calculated with your choice of pre-determined bullet-grain ammunition.

*All charges in this document are subject to change. Charges will be discussed with customer when firearm is dropped off and after inspection. Customer will be informed of any charges that were not foreseen prior to work being done and will only be done with further customer approval. Parts, materials, and range fees are not included in the list of charges.